Card Test Applet

How it works: Students should imagine a deck of cards containing only red and black cards. The percentage of red cards can be changed in the parameter statement. Students may guess the color of the next card to be pulled from the deck. They should be encouraged to play the game in several ways. First, have them guess red every time. This way they can estimate the proportion of red cards in the deck. The same exercise can then be performed by guessing black every time. Lastly, the students should try to actually use their psychic powers as they guess. At the end of the exercise, students should be encouraged to think about the optimal way to guess the card color. Don't forget to have them click on the graph to see actual percentage values.


<param name=p value="0.6"> - The probability of getting a red card.
< name=letterwait value="30" > - (optional) time in milliseconds between displaying letters when the user takes action. The deafult is 30.
< name=singlewait value="200" > - (optional) time between when the pausestring is displayed and results are updated. The deafult is 200.
< name=pausestring value="Drawing!" > - (optional) string to be spelled out when an action is taken by the user. The default is "Drawing!".