Psychic Test Demonstration

How it works: Students can test their "psychic ability" to predict the future by guessing the outcome of a coin toss before it occurs. Enter your predictions by clicking the "heads" or "tails" button. When you enter your guess, the coin is tossed and the result is displayed. As you continue guessing, the applet keeps track of the total number of guesses and the total number of correct guesses, plotting it above. If you are truly psychic, you should be able to beat the odds in the long run. You can "weight" to coin by changing the probability of it landing heads. Are you a psychic?

Parameters (all are optional):

<PARAM name=letterwait value="30" > - time in milliseconds between displaying letters when the user takes action. The deafult is 30.
<PARAM name=singlewait value="200" > - time between when the pausestring is displayed and results are updated. The deafult is 200.
<PARAM name=pausestring value="Flipping!" > - string to be spelled out when an action is taken by the user. The default is "Flipping!".